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The compound from outside

This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game

Zom Zom's is an encounter location in the middle of several ruin tiles, seven hexes north of the Cryo Facility.

Outside Zom Zom'sEdit

Characters possessing Eagle Eye skill or a magnifying device like binoculars or a rifle scope, can spy on what's going on outside. The player may leave at this point (and return later, if desired) or approach the entrance.

On entry, the attendant will ask the player whether they wish to enter as "Stock" or "Spectator". A third response, "Huh?" (indicating uncertainty) is also an option.

If the player responds "Spectator", he is required to offer an item as payment. If you don't give an item they will let you in for free. In either case, the player's weapons and carried items are temporarily confiscated (and replaced with a chit for claiming them later) and his hand stamped prior to entry.

Inside Zom Zom'sEdit

Zom Zoms
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Once inside, Phillip makes a beeline toward the grill area, to chow down on some tasty barbecued meat. (Which he determines has special qualities about it.) Following this, the house DJ gets the entertainment rolling; namely, a series of gladiatorial death-matches between a human and a robotic machine.

It is then that the difference between entry methods becomes apparent. "Spectators" (having a vulture handstamp) get to watch, while "Stocks" (with lamb stamps) will be randomly called on to fight.


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If Phillip is a spectator, he simply gets to watch several matches (which are all one-sided fights ending with the robots goring the Stocks. He can also get a barbecue or leave at will.


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If the player is stock (selecting "Stock" or "Huh?" at the entrance), he will have a few actions to select from. Trying to remove the mark will result in the player's demise from being dropped into a chute where the "barbecue" is cooked.

Standing around (by pressing confirm without making a choice) results in the player's number being selected. Attempting escape will cause the player to be knocked down in the ensuing chaos, then carried to the arena when his number is selected.

In the arena, the option to "Panic" means certain death at the hands (legs, blade!?!) of a merciless mechanical spider-thing. Similar to the cryo lab encounter, this fight can be won by using certain skills. Athletic, Eagle Eye, Hiding, Hacking, Mechanic, Melee or Trapping can each be used to survive the fight.

Alternatively, if the player has a recording of him killing the dogman bare-handed in the cryo lab encounter, this can be used to completely avoid the fight; as the spectators enjoy watching the video of that fight instead.

Upon exiting the arena, Phillip decides to leave the building, handing in his chit on the way, and will receive a container with all previously confiscated items in it.

The StoatEdit

An additional encounter may also occur.

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If the player is wearing the medical bracelet during his first visit, an additional encounter is triggered regardless of entry method, allowing the player to meet The Stoat, and be escorted outside safely.


The player may revisit Zom Zom's at any time. Just as before, the player will be presented with the option to enter the premises as spectator or stock (no "?" on return visits, though).

The player then has the option to eat barbecue, watch a fight, or leave at any time. Spectators are again safe from harm, but if the player selected stock, his number will eventually be selected for the arena fight if he stays long enough.

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Depending on the method used to defeat the machine, the player will be awarded points toward either Elusive or Unstoppable legendary status.

Notes Edit

  • Players must retrieve their items when leaving Zom Zom's. Unclaimed items will be lost.
  • A sign at Zom Zom's denotes it as "A Place to Eat." Zom Zom's BBQ provides 4 points (~2.4%) of nutrition. Unlike standard small chunks of meat, it does not provide any hydration.
  • Zom Zom's BBQ must be made from human meat as it contributes to becoming a Wendigo.

Trivia Edit

  • The name and sign are referring to Down in the Park by Gary Numan, specifically the line "Come to Zom Zom's, a place to eat".