Wood (all)
Twigs - Medium Branch
Large Branch
Large Branch
Value (at 100%): N/A
Weight: 1.15 kg
Stack Size: 1
Medium Branch
Value (at 100%): N/A
Weight: 0.15 kg
Stack Size: 5
Twigs and Bark
Value (at 100%): N/A
Weight: 0.05 kg
Stack Size: 5
Large Stick (Melee)
Damage Potential: Status Bar Yellow 12 full
Reach: 3
Stick (Melee)
Damage Potential: Status Bar Orange 7 full
Reach: 2

There are currently three types of wood in the game, handfuls of small twigs and bark, medium-sized branches from a tree and large branches from a tree. Twigs and medium branches can be used to make campfires and torches. Branches of both kinds can serve as primitive weapons and are useful crafting ingredients. All types of wood can be acquired by using trees as crafting ingredient. Trees can be found on every hex tile with forest graphics. Harvesting wood can be repeated indefinitely, but only 20 times per move. Each attempt yields 10 handfuls of twigs & bark, 10 medium and 1 large branch. In a combat emergency a handy branch (either size) can be used as a melee weapon to extend a combatant's reach, but the damage and durability falls far short of a weapon designed for combat. When used as a melee weapon a medium branch causes moderate bruising but rarely breaks the skin. Likewise, a large branch causes slightly harsher bruising, while also extending the wielder's reach even further. Reach is a very powerful defensive asset in melee combat and should not be underestimated, but these natural weapons are poor substitutes, compared to a carefully crafted spears.

As with all melee weapons, these attacks are much more deadly in the hands of a combatant who is strong and/or skilled with melee weapons. Each use of a branch in combat degrades its condition by 20%, quickly rendering it useless after a few clashes.

It is to be noted that a large branch can be broken into 3 medium branches using the crafting screen.


Forest Resources
(Large Tree Branch, 10 Medium Tree Branches, 10 Twigs & Bark)
  • Forest (1, T)
    • Trees

Properties and recipe usesEdit

Twigs and BarkEdit

  • Kindling:
    • Medium Campfire (lit) (1)
    • Small Campfire (friction) (1)
    • Small Campfire (lit) (1)
  • Small Kindling (unlit):
    • Quality Torch (1, R)

Medium Branch from a TreeEdit

  • Medium Fire Fuel:
    • Medium Campfire (lit) (1)
    • Medium Campfire (stoked) (1)
  • Medium, Flammable, Rigid Shaft:
    • Small Campfire (friction) (2, T)
  • Medium, Rigid, Springy Shaft:

Large Branch from a TreeEdit

  • Large Shaft:
    • Broad Spear (1, R)
    • Cured Medium Meat over Campfire (1, T)
    • Cured Small Meat over Campfire (1, T)
    • Hardened Spear (1)
    • Roasted Meat on a Stick (1, T)
    • Roasted Meat on a Stick (Medium) (1, T)
    • Sharpened Spear (1)
    • Squirrel Snare (1, R)
    • Travois (2, R)