Vomiting is a condition where the victim is expelling fluids from the mouth. It is caused by poisoningCholera, Smallpox and after being drunk from too much whiskey.

Vomiting will cause the victim's thirst to increase. The rate of decrease depends on how bad the victim's stomach is. The worse the stomach is, the faster the victim will become thirstier, causing dehydration.

If the vomiting is left untreated, the victim will die from severe dehydration.


Vomiting will go away on its own if it is not the result of a disease. The player must continuously drink water to avoid quick dehydration. This can be done by finding nearby water sources such as lakes or rivers. But the water may be contaminated, which could make the vomiting last longer. For safe treatment, it is recommended that the player purify the water by boiling it or dissolving water purification tablets into it before consuming it.

Vomiting can also be treated with the use of medication such as Losepine.

If the player has cholera or is poisoned, they should treat these diseases to get rid of the vomiting.

Vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea in some cases.