"Can trap and prepare animals"

Despite the name and description, the Trapping skill allows the character to do more than just trapping and preparing animals. It represents the character's knowledge of wilderness survival.

Ability Points cost: 4


  • Used in a variety of crafting recipes, from making fires to curing animal meat.
  • When skinning an animal corpse, having Trapping increases the amount of meat and pelts gained.
  • Unlocks "Lure Into Trap" combat move.
  • Unlocks 'Alertness' bar on camp screen.
  • Increases safety if used while scavenging sheds or other possibly booby-trapped areas.


The skill can be used during following encounters:

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The trapping skill can be used with Hatter to state that "It's a trap!", proving your character's worth to him, thereby allowing you to avoid the dangerous trip to Hidden Lake, which grants you the DMC Pass immediately.

Crafting items using this skillEdit

Small Campfire (friction) 0.25
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Squirrel Snare (R*)
(* Trapping skill not needed for disassembly)
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Meat and Hide from Small, Furry Corpse
(1 Small Chunk of Meat, 1 Small Animal Hide)
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Meat and Hide from Medium, Furry Corpse
(5 Small and 4 Medium Chunks of Meat, 10 Small Chunks of Hide)
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Meat and Hide from Dogman Corpse
(8 Small and 7 Medium Chunks of Meat, 1 Dogman Fur Coat)
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Cured Small Chunks of Meat over Campfire 0.25
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill
Cured Medium Meat over Campfire 0.50
  •  [  ] Trapping Skill


For its various uses, Trapping greatly improves the player's chances of survival early in the game.

  • It's currently the only way to obtain the Dogman Fur Coat, which in addition to being quite valuable, is very warm and makes the player more intimidating to foes.
  • Before the player finds a Lighter, being able to make friction campfires is extremely useful. It turns every forest into a source of flame that can be used to stave off hypothermia, roast meat, boil water, get clean rags, light torches and do pretty much anything at night.
  • Squirrel snares greatly improves chances of getting meat when scavenging Forest tiles, which is great when the player wishes to avoid hunting wolves or deer.
  • When the player manages to kill an animal, being able to cure the meat makes the food supply last much longer.
  • For players that want to hunt for money, the benefits from hunting large creatures (Deer and Dogman) will drastically increase, as they get more hide from the animal that can be made into Patchwork Hide Tunic, and if the meat is cured, the value will reduce much more slowly, giving the player extra time to reach the merchants.
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