Encounter: Edit

Gas stations have all been drained of their liquid gold. This one may have been empty before the crash, by the looks of it. Barely any working cars left to tell whether gas or fuel cells were the mainstay. The pumps are still there, though. A man in a tattered, filthy suit is chained to the nearest one. Calls out to you to free him. Says they've left him like this. He's worried the crows will peck out his eyes, once they figure out he is immobile. Pinned to his chest is a sign in big visible letters: "Don't touch. Property of Matha's Army!" You ask him what he did to upset them. "Had a trolley full of iSlabs. Was taking them to the market," he replies. Peculiar tone of voice. Equal parts indignant, proud and demanding. You get the feeling that he's trouble.

Choices: Edit

1.Unchain him. Might take a while as it doesn't look like you can pick the locks.

(Nothing happens)

2. Talk to him. Find out more about his situation. Help if it's warranted.

(Possible injuries)

3.Walk on. You don't want to mess with Martha's Army.

( Nothing happens)

4.Steal his shoes. He won't be needing them, and you could do with a pair.

(Get a pair of 100% Pearson "Wakefield" Pack Boots)