Tarp Shelter
Tarp Shelter
Value (at 100%): $10.00
Weight: 1.05 kg
Stack Size: 1

Used as a camp-site improvement, a tarp shelter is an improvised tent-like roofing made out of a piece of tarp, two sticks and held together by some strings. It has a 20x6 size on the item grid.

Placed in the camp inventory at the camp screen, it raises "Sleep" and "Shelter" bars, giving the character a little better protection from the elements and outside temperature. The drawback, however, is the fact that using it lowers the "Concealment" bar, making it easier for enemies to spot the character's camp. Multiple tarp shelters do not stack.

After use, it can be safely dismantled for easier transport.

When left erected in a campsite in a way that makes that campsite superior to other alternatives in the area, the site tends to attract dogmen and looters.


  • As of version v0.982, NPCs like looters can no longer pick up a sleeping bag or tarp shelter if the player is in the same hex. This was a well-reported issue in prior builds, and players complained about having their equipment stolen out from under them while resting.


Tarp Shelter (R) 0.25