Tannin tea
Bark Tea
Value (at 100%): $11.50
Weight: 0.25 kg
Stack Size: 2

Tannin tea is a beverage that can be brewed by a character skilled in Botany by boiling some bark in water. The drink created is safe to consume, thanks to boiling, and is beneficial to the player's general health. It may also be used as a antiseptic roughly twice as strong as distilled water.

It possesses the ability to boost the drinker's immune system for a short period of time, helping to prevent infections, being especially useful to those fighting off poisoning or cholera and hoping to avoid developing any secondary diseases.

One droplet of tannin tea provides 1 point (~1.4%) of hydration; this amount is 1/4 that of pure water, presumably due to small amounts of caffeine and its diuretic effect.

Due to tannin tea's high value ($11.50), and simplicity to make given there is a forest in proximity to a water source, tannin tea can be a reliable source of early income.

If one does not have a Digital Water Tester, making tannin tea is a safe alternative; unlike water, there is no poisoned variant.


Tannin Tea
(Bark Tea)
  • Water (non-chemical) (1)
    • Water
    • Water (sterilized)
    • Water (infected)

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