This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
Strange Mechanical Doll
Mechanical doll
Value (at 100%): $125.00
Weight: 4.80 kg
Stack Size: 1

The strange mechanical doll is given to the character as a reward by Radiation Bob from the Isotope Mine after either successfully fixing the programming of his robot saber-toothed tiger guardian, Gertrude, by using the Hacking skill or treating Bob's radiation sickness with a nanorobot medical kit.

It has a 2x7 storage space that can store 280 Electric Charges inside.

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It can be used as a distraction against the SkyCorps Patrol, allowing the player to escape the arrest safely, during the Detroit Savings Bank and Concrete Forest Apartments encounters inside the DMC.

It can also be used as a distraction against the robots in the Camp Grayling encounter to buy the player more time to move between buildings.