Smallpox is a contagious, disfiguring and often deadly disease that has affected humans for thousands of years.


Smallpox can be contracted by direct, close contact with an infected person. Smallpox can be contracted in game through an encounter with a sick man. If you choose any option that brings you close to him, you can contract smallpox. If you have a gas mask, then exposure can be prevented.

Stages of SmallpoxEdit

Smallpox progresses in 4 stages:

Smallpox 1Edit

The first stage is an incubation period, invisible to the affected person and with no identifiable effects. Performing a Full Diagnostic Work-up from Haggerty Health Clinic in the DMC will reveal this disease to the player.

Smallpox 2Edit

The Medic skill or Full Diagnostic allow detection of the disease in this phase. There are no identifiable symptoms at this phase.

Smallpox 3Edit

This phase is marked by Vomiting, pain, headache, fever and an Immune System drop. The text also notes that you have visible blisters and pustules over your body. This lasts for several days.

Smallpox 4Edit

Vomiting, pain, fever and headache all subside. No new effects noted.

Management of SmallpoxEdit

Smallpox will eventually run its course on its own, but it helps if you treat the symptoms to prevent death from thirst/pain.

Vomiting: Water to replace what was lost.

Pain/Headache: Painkillers such as Cavilo or Hydrocodone.

Fever: Water and rest.

Immune System drop: Antibiotics, tannin tea, or nanorobotic suspension treatments

After Smallpox has run its courseEdit

Surviving Smallpox does not appear to grant immunity to reinfection. It has been observed for a case of Smallpox 4 to apparently progress to a new case of Smallpox 1. It is not known whether this is always the pattern the disease follows.

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