There are many screens in the game. They let you interact with objects, do encounters, look at the map, and many other things.

Item ScreenEdit

This screen allows you to pick up objects, equip/wear objects, look at your conditions, and interact with objects. The button for it is the top button in the bottom right-hand corner, and its icon is the head, neck, and shoulders of a person.

To pick up items, drag them from the ground square at the top left. Then, put them in a container, on the player, or in the player's hands. Items in the player's hands can be used as a tool or weapon. Items worn by the player increase comfort and prevent hypothermia. You can interact with items by right-clicking on them, and choosing what you'd like to do with them. 


A stable player's inventory


The player conditions are shown in the top-right corner. This shows skills, if the player is thirst/hungry/tired/cold, and medical conditions. Good conditions are green and bad conditions are red. Below that, if you have the Medic skill, there are 3 bars. The first shows how much pain you are in, the second shows how good your immune system is doing, and the third shows your blood supply.

Player Conditions ScreenEdit

This screen, like the item screen, shows your inventory, conditions, and items on the ground. The button is right below the items button and the icon is the international medical symbol. But, unlike the item screen, it shows a gray silhouette of the player instead of your worn clothing. On the silhouette there are any injuries your player has, such as cuts, bruises, and fractures. On this screen you can asses your condition and treat your injuries.

Camp ScreenEdit

This screen shows items on the ground, your current campsite, items in your campsite, and how good your campsite is. It is directly below the player conditions button and its icon is a tent. In the right is all the items on the ground. You can move these to the square that is your campsite. Some items can improve your campsite, such as sleeping bags and shelters. Above the camp items square is the current place you're camping. Next to that is your camp stats. These are shelter, healing, sleep, and concealment. These factors depend on where you are and what you're using in your campsite.

Vehicle ScreenEdit

This shows you what vehicle you're using, and what's inside of it.

Main Map ScreenEdit

Grid show

The main map screen.

This shows the hex where you are and the hexes around you.

Mini Map ScreenEdit

This shows a zoomed-out map of where you are relative to familiar landmarks.

Skills ScreenEdit

This shows what your strengths and weaknesses are.

Crafting ScreenEdit

This lets you craft items, tools, and skills together to create useful items.

Encounter ScreenEdit

This screen allows you to fight, scavenge, and complete story encounters.