Here is a list of scavengable places that can be found in NeoScavenger, each with it's full in-game fluff text.

Wild PlacesEdit

Wild places are a great source of food. When scavenging, it is possible to find berries and mushrooms, though it is important to note that about half are poisonous. In these places, the Botany skill will increase your loot about the same as the strong skill. Using a squirrel snare while scavenging will guarantee 1-2 squirrels.

Open FieldEdit

Open Field

Stretch of ForestEdit

Stretch of Forest

Forest ShackEdit

Forest Shack


Ruins should not be your first choice for scavenging. While they provide similar, though slightly less due to frequent injury, loot to abandoned buildings, the safety is significantly lower, especially when using traits like strong and the crowbar. It is easy  to get several scratches and bruises.

Crumbling Apartment BuildingEdit

Crumbling Apartment Building

Destroyed Office BuildingEdit

Destroyed Office Building

The Black SwampEdit

Black Swamp ruinsEdit

Black Marsh Ruins

Not recommended unless you have a gas mask, but these locations do have lots of loot.

Aircraft CrashEdit

Very rare spawning hoverbike crash site. High chance to obtain numerous bottles of alcohol, cans of soup, cheap memory sticks and UVDs

Crash Site 2
Crash Site Loot 1
Crash Site Loot 2

Hover Truck Crash Site Edit

Very rare spawning hover truck crash site. Very rare spawning hovertruck crash site. High chance to obtain numerous bottles of alcohol, cans of soup, cheap memory sticks and UVDs

Abandoned BuildingsEdit

Abandoned buildings are the best place to get loot to sell.  It is possible to get sleeping bags, clothing, medicine, weapons, backpacks, vehicles, and more here. While there is food to be found here, its mostly foods that are valuable, but not that practical, such as Whiskey, Snack Cakes, and Saltine Crackers.

Storage ShedEdit

Storage Shed

Locked Storage ShedEdit

Locked Storage Shed

Abandoned Mobile HomeEdit

Abandoned Mobile Home

Abandoned HouseEdit

Abandoned House

Abandoned Apartment BuildingEdit

Abandoned Apartment Building

Abandoned Office TowerEdit

Abandoned Office Tower