Poisoned - a condition that can influence a character after a poisonous substance gets into his system. It does not show any symptoms at first, attacking after some time has passed, depending on severity but after about one day's time. Most common causes of becoming poisoned are eating poisonous berries or mushrooms or eating raw and rotten/spoiled meat.

Stages of PoisoningEdit

Poison affects the whole body causing secondary effects such as: pain, diarrhea, vomiting and weakening of character's immune system, getting progressively worse as time passes by / more poison enters the system. Severity of the condition is showed by a number next to the condition name:

Poisoned 1 - mild case of immune system weakness and diarrhea - easy to shrug off by using antibiotics. To keep immune system up and prevent any other diseases, and keeping healthy diet of boiled water and safe food.;

Poisoned 2 - minor pain shows up, immune system severely weakened, diarrhea and vomiting causing low blood-level and danger of dehydration - best way to fight of is to pop-up a antibiotic pill as soon as previous one wears off and drink a lot of pure water on your way to Haggerty Health Clinic;

Poison 3 - basically a terminal state - everything above multiplied to the point where character is so weak he is likely to fall unconscious and possibly die almost every turn - few reported waking up many turns later, after fighting the venom off, but most people die if they ever get that far. Can be cured by a Nanorobot Medical Kit.