Disposable Plastic Shopping Bag
Plastic bag
Value (at 100%): $0.50
Weight: 0.01 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 4 x 6

A disposable plastic shopping bag is one of the containers found inside the Neo Scavenger universe.

These bags can be found very commonly, as they are usually found just about anywhere, both during scavenging and simply lying around.

A plastic bag can be equipped to the backpack slot as well as being held in the character's hands. The plastic bag has a 4x6 grid when in use, but if no items are inside the bag, it only takes up a 1x1 space.

Their taking up very little space when not in use, alongside the ability to store additional spare plastic bags inside them, makes them very handy in the early phases of the game. Plastic bags degrade quickly, however, which can lead to them falling apart and dropping your items all over the ground.

It is a good idea to carry several spare empty plastic bags to ensure that the player isn't left with a pile of items on the floor, with nothing to carry them in.

Properties and recipe usesEdit

  • Kindling:
    • Medium Campfire (lit) (1)
    • Small Campfire (friction) (1)
    • Small Campfire (lit) (1)

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