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Tank #5: Philip Kindred
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Philip Kindred is the player character and protagonist of Neo Scavenger.

Waking up in Cryo LabEdit

Phillip begins his journey after being ejected from his cryogenic-sleep pod in a state of amnesia inside Gyges Cryo Facility. Knowing only his name from the medical wristband he is wearing, he sets out to regain his memories while trying to survive in the harsh wastelands of post-apocalyptic Michigan.

Philip's PastEdit

At the ATN TribeEdit

After around fifty years in cryo stasis, Phillip returns to the native tribes' enclave, to discover that it was they who had crafted the ornate and mysterious talisman he'd woken up wearing, to his order. He also discovers the purpose of said item, to protect him from the dark entity stalking his every move from places unknown.

At the Saginaw Mental InstituteEdit

After a "Remembrance Ritual" Phillip Recovers a small portion of his past. The memory of being admitted into the facility as a mental patient for his strong belief in the supernatural.

Trivia Edit

  • Information on Phillip's appearance is extremely sparse. Provided information during the DMC apprehension scene reveals that he is bald. It is assumed his appearance is very general, like a sort of "Average Joe".