Flynn's "Fancy Style" ketchup
Value (at 100%): $2.00
Weight: 0.02 kg
Stack Size: 10

A packet of Flynn's "Fancy Style" ketchup is a consumable item inside the NEO Scavenger universe, commonly found in stacks of 5 in abandoned urban areas. It can be consumed to restore a small amount of hunger. Ketchup packets can be stacked with other packets up to 10, and it takes up a 1x1 space.

A factory-sealed packet of ketchup will never degrade in game, which makes them a reliable store of nutrition. This, in addition to their stacking properties and small size/light weight, makes a pocketful of ketchup an excellent emergency food source. If you're going to hoard consumables, ketchup is hands-down the best choice.

Individually, though, packets of ketchup have very little effect and need to be consumed in bulk. Eight packets has the nutritional content of one can of soup.

One packet of ketchup provides 0.5 (~0.3%) of nutrition.