Night vision goggles
NV Goggles
Value (at 100%): $100.00
Weight: 0.74 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 1 x 1

Nightvision goggles are a rare item that, when equipped and powered by military grade battery containing at least one charge, allow vision and movement as if it was day during night time and also removes the blind status when in darkness. When turned on, they consume 1 charge per hour from the battery. Nightvision goggles can also be used for scavenging, but they must be turned on to work and it costs one charge for each use.

They are currently the only eye-wear in the game and are available through scavenging of urbanized areas, the Junk Market or rarely on bandits and raiders .


  • Charge can be transferred from any kind of battery to another. This allows non military batteries to carry charge into the field for use with this device as long as at least one military battery is owned. A laptop battery works very well for this purpose. This battery takes up 4 spaces but can hold as much charge as 12 military batteries and fits into your pocket for convenient access.
  • If a player is attacked at night, these goggles can be switched on during battle by accessing the inventory screen, immediately removing the "blind" condition. They're also great for crafting or covering ground at night. By activating these and attacking a humanoid enemy at night, the player gains the advantage of being able to see an opponent who cannot see him/her.