Nanorobot Medical Kit
Kit - Refill
Nanorobot Medical Kit (empty)
Value (at 100%): $400.00
Weight: 3.00 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 3 x 3
Suspension Refill
Value (at 100%): $250.00
Weight: 0.50 kg
Stack Size: 1

A powerful scientific marvel, the Nanorobot Medical Kit is a top achievement of modern medical technology. Each use can, almost instantly, remove most medical conditions as well as greatly increase the patient's healing rate. This item can quickly put a scavenger back on his feet, even if his injuries would almost surely doom him otherwise.

Each kit consists of a dispenser unit and up to three nanorobot medical kit suspension refills and each use of the kit (via right-click context menu) consumes a single such refill.

Nanorobot medical kits and refills are occasionally available for purchase at on the Junk Market near DMC. They can also be found while scavenging, though the chances are extremely low. It is possible to obtain one during an encounter in the Strange Forest, but it is not guaranteed.

The Haggerty Health Clinic in DMC offers a service based on the same technology (though not the actual item), called a "Broad-based Nanorobotic Suspension Treatment", for a price of $363.

Using a kit or purchasing the service from the Haggerty Health Clinic has the following specific effects:
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  • Immediately cures poisoning, Cutaneous Radiation Syndrome, and blood being coughed up
  • Immediately cures all stages of cholera, gastroenteritis, pneumonia and acute hepatitis, and gives immunity to their incubation stages for 6 hours
  • Increases rate of healing by 10% for 6 hours
  • Restores 0.03% blood per hour for 6 hours
  • Restores 0.2% immune system integrity per hour for 12 hours (equivalent to Amoxicillin)

Properties and recipe usesEdit

Nanorobot Medical KitEdit

Nanorobot Medical Kit Suspension RefillEdit

  • Small, Rigid Parts:
    • Noise Trap (1, R)

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