NEO Scavenger Title

NEO Scavenger is a 2014 survival game by the indie company Blue Bottle Games, created by former BioWare employee Daniel Fedor.


  • NEO Scavenger is a survival simulation game where the player must survive for as long as they can while braving through the post-apocalyptic world.
  • The player first create their character, using the abilities and flaws selected at the start of the game. These abilities can be used in encounters or when items crafting.
  • The game is played on an isometric map divided into hexes. Players and creatures take turn navigating around the hexes, spending action units. At certain locations, player will take part in encounters. The choose-your-own-adventure style menu brings the player's skills and items into play, resulting in multiple possible outcomes for every encounter.
  • Players survive by scavenging items for food and supplies in towns and other scavenger locations. Scavenging for loot while keeping your character fed, hydrated and warm is often quite a task in itself.
  • The game incorporates a deep crafting system where actions include cooking, campfire making, and natural resource collection. Recipes for new items can be discovered in game or by using a no-penalty system of combinations.
  • The game also features turn-based combat, where the player can attempt to kill the enemies or select less conventional solutions such as escaping, proposing a cease fire or surrendering.
  • The game also features permanent death. Once the player dies, they must start all over.
  • The game's world is randomly generated, creating a new world through each restart.