Value (at 100%): $0.25
Weight: 0.10 kg
Stack Size: 5
Value (at 100%): $3.50
Weight: 0.10 kg
Stack Size: 5

Mushrooms are large fungi that can ease the player's hunger and thirst, especially when found in large quantities. But, they can be potentially poisonous, and are not recommended to be eaten, unless the player is skilled in identifying plants (have Botany skill) or are extremely desperate.

Mushrooms degrade very slowly at only 0.6% per turn. This makes them a fairly reliable store of nutrition as they last longer than meat. Two mushrooms have the nutritional content of one can of soup, while eight hydrates the same as one droplet of water.

One mushroom provides 2 points (~1.2%) of nutrition and 0.5 points (~0.7%) of hydration.


Mushrooms are commonly found in stretches of woods and sometimes in open fields, and are more likely to be found if the player uses Botany to aid them in scavenging.


There are currently two kinds of mushrooms to be found in the forests of Michigan:

  • poisonous Amanita phalloides, more commonly known as Death Caps
  • edible Agaricus bisporus

While edible and poisonous kinds do not stack together, they do look exactly the same and only characters with knowledge of Botany can distinguish the two with 100% certainty. Both kinds also share other statistics, like weight and monetary value, making it impossible to differentiate one from another without proper knowledge.


  • Players with the Botany skill automatically identify any mushrooms that they find.