Pearson "Ravager" Multitool pocket knife
Value (at 100%): $50.00
Weight: 0.12 kg
Stack Size: 1
Multitool Blade (Melee)
Damage Potential: Status Bar Red 3 full
Reach: 1

Be it for skinning a squirrel corpse or attaching a rifle scope, the Pearson "Ravager" multitool pocket knife is an useful and versatile tool. It can also serve as a melee weapon in a pinch.


  • The Multitool can be found while scavenging, or bought from the Junk Market.


As a ToolEdit

  • The multitool includes a Phillips Head Screwdriver, a pair of Pliers, and a knife blade. It can be used for various crafting recipes.
  • Using the Multitool's knife to cut things is not recommended, as it is better to preserve the tool for more specialized uses.

As a WeaponEdit

  • In a pinch, the player can also use the pull-out knife as a weapon. It has the potential to cause minor bleeding wounds and very little, if any bruising. As with all melee weapons, the multitool blade is much deadlier in the hands of a combatant who is Strong and/or skilled with melee weapons.


The item is used in the following encounters

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Properties and recipe usesEdit

  • Pliers:
    • Binoculars (1, R, T)
    • Box Cart (1, R, T)
    • Cryo Lighting (1, R, T)
    • Shopping Cart (1, R, T)
  • Sharp Edge:
    • Arrow: Crude Broadhead (1, R, T)
    • Arrow: Crude Piercing (1, R, T)
    • Bow: Greenwood (1, R, T)
    • Broad Spear (1, R, T)
    • Cryo Lighting (1, R, T)
    • Hardened Spear (1, T)
    • Meat and Hide from Dogman Corpse (1, T)
    • Meat and Hide from Medium, Furry Corpse (1, T)
    • Meat and Hide from Small, Furry Corpse (1, T)
    • Meat from Large Corpse (1, T)
    • Meat from Large, Furry Corpse (1, T)
    • Meat from Medium, Furry Corpse (1, T)
    • Meat from Small Corpse (1, T)
    • Sharpened Spear (1, T)
  • Small, Rigid, Sharp Edge with Point:
    • Arrow: Crude Broadhead (1, R)
    • Broad Spear (1, R)
  • Small, Sharp Point:
    • Arrow: Crude Piercing (1, R)