Melonheads are the weakest of the non-human ( even though they drop human meat ) enemies inhabiting the world of Neo Scavenger.


Melonhead (avatar)

Old version of Melonhead.

Melonheads are grey-skinned, somewhat child-like creatures with characteristic, big, bloated heads and swollen bellies. They sometimes go around naked, but will put on any clothes they can find.


Being weak as they are, melonheads generally pose no direct threat to the player's character. They are all feeble and frail, and very cowardly. They usually run when faced by stronger foes. When forced to fight however, they can use their special skill to call other nearby melonheads to their aid, trying to outnumber the enemy. Remember that in large numbers even Melonheads can be a deadly threat. Entering into melee with three or more of them is asking to get chain-tackled, stunned and kicked to death.

They usually travel around, scavenging items for themselves. They are always barefooted, possibly not being able to find shoes that fit them, and some have been seen arming themselves with simple weapons like tree branches or metal sauce pans. Melonheads often form large groups which coalesce quickly due to them using their special skill in combat with other NPCs.

Same as humans, melonheads cannot see in the dark and are blind during the night.


Melonheads are not really dangerous or aggressive so it is best to just avoid them. When met by surprise, during scavenging or at night, it is really easy to scare them off, even if faced with more than one.

Their lack of physical strength or resilience makes them easy to beat in melee combat to all but the most combat-incompetent characters.


  • When killed, they sometimes drop a Hospital Gown as a loot, leading to belief that Melonheads have some medical/scientific origins.
  • During Allegan Fairgrounds encounter, player can discover that Melonheads are using buildings belonging to Fairgrounds as their nest/camp.
  • It is discovered in the same encounter that they like to rest in dark places and have rather swarm-like behavior.