"Knowledge of mechanical systems and components"

The Mechanic skill covers basic and advanced knowledge about workings of mechanical systems and devices.

Ability Point cost: 3



The skill can be used during following encounters:

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  • at the start of the game, inside the Cryo Facility, to lock the door before the incoming creature
  • at Zom Zom's, if the character ends up being stock and fights a robot, to defeat it
  • at the Detroit Savings Bank, can block the HVAC intake vent
  • at scavenging to increase the safety of scavenging
  • at Fort Grayling to speed up the forklift


HVAC (heated) (R) 0.25
  •  [  ] Mechanic Skill
Binoculars (R) 0.01
  •  [  ] Mechanic Skill
Travois (R*)
(* Mechanic skill not needed for disassembly)
  •  [  ] Mechanic Skill
Shopping Cart (R) 1.00
  •  [  ] Mechanic Skill
Box Cart (R) 1.00
  •  [  ] Mechanic Skill


  • Similar to the Electrician skill, its use is quite limited. However, it might be useful for players struggling to find a vehicle early in the game.