Haggerty Clinic

The Haggerty Health Clinic is a high-tech medical facility located inside the walls of Detroit Megacity. It is open to anyone willing to pay for its services and offers a full spectrum of medical assistance, from basic diagnostic work to highly sophisticated eye surgery.

Supplies and ServicesEdit

  • PharmaCon Prescription Painkillers x6 - $180: includes plastic pill bottle labled: PharmCon Hydrocodone (prescription painkillers).
  • Sedatives x6 - $120: includes plastic pill bottle labeled: PharmaCon Zolpidem (prescription sleeping pills).
  • Core Body Temperature Regulation - $199: recover from hypothermia or hyperthermia.
  • Rehydration and Micronutrition Therapy - $183: provides the maximum 168 points of nutrition and 72 points of hydration.
  • Full Diagnostic Work-Up - $213: identifies all conditions affecting the player.
  • Cleaning and Dressing of Wounds - $376: cleanse and disinfect wounds, closes open wounds, and splints broken bones.
  • PharmaCon Prescription Antibiotic Pills x6 - $300: includes plastic pill bottle labeled: PharmaCon Amoxicillin.
  • Broad-Based Nanorobotic Suspension Treatment - $363: same effect as Nanorobot Medical Kit.
  • Blood Transfusion - $2563: restores blood supply.

Prosthetic and Augmentation ProceduresEdit

Located on the second floor of the clinic is a facility that offers cybernetic eye procedures.

  • [Eye Surg.] Eye Surgery - $1000: removes Myopia and installs Eagle Eye.
  • [Eye Aug] Artificial Eye Replacement - $5600: removes Myopia and installs Eagle Eye.
    It also includes a Blood Transfusion, Rehydration and Micronutrition Therapy, and Well-rested as complimentary services.
    Purchasing 'Artificial Eye Replacement' allows the option to buy the following upgrades:
  • [Eye Aug: NV] Artificial Eye Night Vision Upgrade - $300: installs Night Vision.
  • [Eye Aug: TZ] Artificial Eye Telescopic Upgrade - $200: installs Telescopic.