Handful of Gelli Bears
Value (at 100%): $2.00
Weight: 0.02 kg
Stack Size: 5

A handful of Gelli Bears is an edible item found inside the NEO Scavenger universe. Gelli Bears can be consumed to restore a slight amount of hunger. They are uncommonly found in urban areas, and as a random drop from looters, bandits and raiders.

Strangely enough, Gelli Bears will never degrade in game, despite their apparent lack of packaging. This provides both a terrifying testament to the power of food preservatives and a reliable store of "nutrition." This longevity, in addition to their stacking properties and small size/light weight, makes them second only to ketchup as an emergency food source. Individually, though, handfuls of Gelli Bears have very little effect and need to be consumed in bulk. Eight handfuls has the nutritional content of one can of soup.

Gelli Bears may be placed inside of bottles, improving the amount of volume they consume in storage from 6 tiles to 4. This allows a single bottle to hold 30 handfuls, which can provide about 9% of nutrition if fully consumed. As Gelli Bears can be purchased at the C-Store (a full bottle costs $60), this makes them an easy-to-acquire source of compact travel food for those with a lot of cash handy.

One handful of Gelli Bears provides 0.5 points (~0.3%) of nutrition.


  • Gelli Bears, as seen from close up, can come in five colours, which are yellow, red, pink, green and black, but having only one handful means you get all the colors.