First Aid Kit
Value (at 100%): $20.00
Weight: 0.60 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 4 x 4

The first aid kit is a container found inside the NEO Scavenger universe. The kit itself is easily distinguished from it's green face and the typical white cross with the words "FIRST AID" seen on the front. The kit has a 4x4 grid space inside, and the kit itself takes up the same size. It does not fit into the backpack slot, and the inside of the kit can only be accessed by putting the kit in a hand.


A first-aid kit can be found in the Cryo Facility with the Medic skill, containing 1-9 clean rags, 1-2 bottles of antibiotics, and sometimes 1-2 bottles of various painkillers.

The container can also be found while scavenging in urban areas, sometimes empty, sometimes containing random amounts of rags and/or pills inside.

Properties and recipe usesEdit