If you are hurt in a fight or during scavenging, check the player conditions screen. There you can see the type, location and severity of your injuries. Leaving your wounds untreated can lead to infections, bleeding, pain, slower healing, shock, and even death.

Quick TipsEdit

  • Clean open wounds with sterilized water or better yet with a strong disinfectant such as tannin tea, whiskey or water purification (pink) pills.
  • Bandage wounds with clean rags to stop the bleeding. Never use dirty rags unless player has very little blood.
  • If you take out an arrow the wound will bleed much more, so be prepared.
  • Attach rough splints where limbs are crippled.
  • If the game notifies you about fallen apart clean rags then they've turned into dirty rags and should be removed immediately to avoid an infection.
  • Check your bandages and rough splints from time to time, since the game doesn't tell you when your wounds are healed.
  • Use painkillers to avoid disadvantages in combat due to heavy pain.
  • Nanorobots are an effective, but expensive way to heal faster. Use them only in emergencies.
  • Sleep is important for healing. Sleeping pills can help you rest better when you're in pain but they reduce your awareness of enemies.


Full treatment guide for different wounds. Rest and warmth always help too, of course.


They'll heal on their own eventually, and there isn't much you can do. But, if the bruise is severe, check it from time to time to make sure it doesn't start bleeding, and take painkillers if necessary.

Cuts, Scratches, and Other Bleeding WoundsEdit

If you leave cuts undressed, they are likely to get infected, plus you'll lose blood.

Wash wounds with whiskey, tannin tea, or purified water-if available-then bandage them with clean rags as soon as possible. Remove rags when the bleeding has stopped, or when the rag is too dirty to be used. If your medical supplies are limited, treat larger wounds first. Only use dirty rags if the player has very little blood, for they are likely to cause infection.

Crippled LimbsEdit

Crippled limbs greatly slow the player down, decreasing the moves/turn to 1, preventing the player from running/charging in combat, and other important actions. To fix this, make a rough splint and fix it to the wound, then rest for a time if possible.