This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
Detroit Megacity Tracking Bracelet
Detroit Megacity Tracking Bracelet
Value (at 100%): $3000.00
Weight: 0.07 kg
Stack Size: 1

Detroit Megacity Tracking Bracelet (DMC Pass) is a bracelet-type accessory in NEO Scavenger. It is an identification and tracking device, required to enter Detroit. It must be worn when speaking to the guards at the gate.


The DMC Pass can be obtained in the following ways:

  • From Hatter as a reward for completing his request to go to the Hidden Lake and obtain a silver urn filled with Ashes from Seven Gables Road for his client.
  • Choosing Strong and Melee abilities during the beginning encounter to fight and kill the dogman, picking up the security footage tape of character doing it, and then showing it to the Hatter to prove your worth.
  • Choosing the Trapping or Tracking ability In your first encounter with the Hatter.
  • Buy it for 3000 dollars at the Junk Market.
  • During some play-throughs, the character might be presented with one by an elusive white lady, after successfully avoiding the beast of Strange Forest. Attempting to use this to enter DMC gate 11 will result in 1 year exile that can not be reversed without tampering with the game's .xml file.

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