DMC Gate

DMC Gate is the entry point into Detroit Megacity. It is located in the southeast corner of the map, in the area called the Sprawl. Hatter will approach the player during the initial visit, offering a quest related to entering the city.

To get past the guards protecting the gate, the player needs to acquire a DMC Pass. After being denied entry during the first visit, Hatter will offer a quest in exchange for a valid pass. With the Trapping or Tracking skill, it is possible to skip the job and gain entrance to the city with a dialogue option.

It is also possible to simply buy the pass from the Junk Market for $3000.

Detroit Megacity is its own separate map, and the DMC Gate will be listed as "Gate 11". Clicking on it allows the player to get back outside of the DMC Gate and into the main game map.


  • In version 0.985, if you have a DMC guard summon a sniper in combat and then have him accept your offer for ceasefire or talk, it would strangely get you exiled from the city the next time you visit without reason.