full bottle - empty bottle - liquid
Value (at 100%): $1.00
Weight: 0.25 (plus bottle)
Stack Size: 2

Corn-a-Cola was a very popular soft drink during the days preceding whatever catastrophic events lead to the near-annihilation of civilization. Nowadays, empty corn-a-cola bottles litter almost every corner of the post-apocalyptic Michigan.

However, from time to time while looting some empty house, it is possible to find a full, factory-sealed bottle. It seems that people still long to savor its sweet, "pre-catastrophe" taste, as a few bottles put on sale are a common sight at the Junk Market.

Proving the power of the preservatives it contains, Corn-a-Cola is still, after all this time, perfectly safe to drink. Due to caffeine content, consuming it will put the drinker on a caffeine high for a few turns, increasing body temperature and providing a boost of energy. It also increases water consumption rate, as caffeine is a diuretic. When it wears off, the drinker will suffer a caffeine crash, causing tiredness and lowering body temperature; water consumption returns to normal. The caffeine high can potentially plunge a well-equipped player into the "Heat exhaustion" condition, encouraging them to strip off clothing to cool down. Upon crashing, this can send them back to the other end of the spectrum, usually "Shivering."

Corn-a-Cola only provides one-fourth the hydration of the same amount of water, presumably due to the extreme caffeine content, and water consumption is increased during the high period, offsetting much of the hydration gain. The large amount of sugar in the cola does provide "nutritional" content just short that of one can of soup, so at least the drinker comes out ahead there.

One droplet of Corn-a-Cola provides 3 points (~1.8%) of nutrition and 1 point (~1.4%) of hydration.


  • In game terms, the sugar high and crash are mirrors of each other. After the crash, sleep levels simply return to normal.
  • Corn-a-Cola could be a Michigan replacement for Coca-Cola, due to the large amounts of corn grown there pre-apocalypse.