Medium Campfire - Small Campfire
Value (at 100%): $0.00
Weight: 0.00 kg
Stack Size: 1

Campfires are used to boil water, cook meat, warm the player and produce ashes. There are currently two sizes of campfires, small and medium. They are named "tiny lit campfire" and "lit campfire" in the game.

To make a small fire, a flame source, friction (using trapping ability) or focused sunlight are combined with kindling. For a medium campfire, medium fire fuel must also be added.

Campfires cannot be carried or placed in inventory. They can, however, be moved from the ground space of a hex to any valid campsite in that hex.

It should be noted that the player is easier to spot (by NPCs and/or hostile creatures) while in a hex with a campfire. The [hiding] ability allows the player to see the level of concealment on the camp screen.

Small campfires last until the end of the current turn. Medium campfires degrade 40% per turn. Thus, they last three turns before becoming a small campfire in turn four.


When extinguished, a campfire leaves behind handfuls of ashes. These ashes can be used to cure meat with the trapping ability, but are otherwise useless.


Small Campfire (lit) 0.10
Small Campfire (friction) 0.25
Extinguished Small Campfire
(2 Handfuls of Ashes)
  • Small Flame and Heat Source (1)
    • Tiny, Lit Campfire
Medium Campfire (lit) 0.25
Medium Campfire (stoked) 0.25
  • Small Flame and Heat Source (1)
    • Tiny, Lit Campfire
Extinguished Medium Campfire
(Small campfire, 2 Handfuls of Ashes)

Properties and recipe usesEdit

All CampfiresEdit

  • Flame Source:
    • Crude Torch (lit) (1, R, T)
    • Hardened Spear (1, T)
    • Medium Campfire (lit) (1, T)
    • Quality Torch (lit) (1, T)
    • Small Campfire (lit) (1, T)

Tiny, Lit CampfireEdit

  • Small Flame and Heat Source:
    • Extinguished Small Campfire (1)
    • Medium Campfire (stoked) (1)

Lit CampfireEdit

  • Medium Flame and Heat Source:
    • Extinguished Medium Campfire (1)

Handful of AshesEdit

  • Ash:
    • Cured Medium Meat over Campfire (2)
    • Cured Small Meat over Campfire (1)

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