"Erie" and "Corn-a-Cola" plastic bottles
Value (at 100%): $1.00
Weight: 0.05 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 2 x 3
"Wolverine Black" glass bottle
Value (at 100%): $1.50
Weight: 0.58 kg
Stack Size: 1
Storage Space: 2 x 3
Glass Bottle (Melee)
Damage Potential: Status Bar Orange 7 full
Reach: 1

Currently, there are three types of bottles in the game:

  • A clear "Erie" brand plastic water bottle that has a chance to spawn with sterilized water inside;
  • A green "Corn-a-cola" plastic bottle that has a chance to spawn with 'Corn-a-Cola';
  • A glass "Wolverine Black" whiskey bottle that has a chance to spawn with 1-6 droplets of whiskey.

Additionally, a glass bottle can be used as an emergency weapon. However, smacking someone on the head has a high probability of causing the bottle to break, spilling it's contents and possibly wounding its user with glass shards flying around. Of course, if someone needs a sharp shard of glass, he does not need to wait for a battle to occur and can break the bottle himself at any time (via crafting screen).

When used in a melee attack, glass bottles can cause moderate bruising and minor bleeding wounds. As with all melee weapons, they are deadlier in the hands of a combatant who is Strong and/or skilled with melee weapons, but their fragile nature makes it nearly impossible to get in multiple hits before the weapon shatters.

While glass bottles may be fireproof, they have an extremely low durability. A single use in battle or crafting is enough to shatter them permanently, per the crafting recipe. This is an exception to the usual way tools work in recipes.


  • Though you can put any type of liquid in any bottle, the bottles will only show the hue of their original liquid when filled, even if its not the original liquid. For example, a Corn-a-Cola bottle will always have a yellow fill even if water is put inside.
  • Bottles can be used to conserve space, since they provide 6 spaces of storage and only take up 4 spaces themselves. However, only certain items can be stored inside. These include:

Properties and recipe usesEdit

Plastic BottlesEdit

Glass BottlesEdit

  • Medium, Brittle, Rigid Object:
    • Shards (1)