Botany is a skill that grants knowledge of plants (and mushrooms).

Ability Point cost: 4


  • Berries and mushrooms are automatically identified as edible or poisonous.
  • Able to craft tannin tea from water and bark, useful for boosting the immune system and sterilizing cuts.
  • Usable while scavenging in a stretch of woods or an open fields to increase chances of finding mushrooms and berries.


The Botany skill can be used during the first encounter, in the Cryo Facility, to repel the dogman with a castor oil plant (the seeds of which contain ricin, a highly toxic substance).

Botany can also be used to gather additional information about the Strange Forest.

Crafting items using this skillEdit

Tannin Tea
(Bark Tea)
  •  [  ] Botany Skill
  • Water (non-chemical) (1)
    • Water
    • Water (sterilized)
    • Water (infected)


  • You used to have to combine mushrooms/berries with the Botany skill in the crafting menu to identify them. (Now outdated-- Plants are automatically identified.)