Binoculars (both)
Binoculars w/Strap
without Strap
Value (at 100%): $50.00
Weight: 0.88 kg
Stack Size: 1
with Strap
Value (at 100%): $52.00
Weight: 0.90 kg
Stack Size: 1

Binoculars are useful for scouting the environment, as using them expands the character's field of vision, within line of sight, by one hex. Players must equip Binoculars in a hand slot or neck slot (by outfitting them with a strap) in order to gain the bonus.

Scavengers with mechanics skill can make a pair of binoculars from parts of other broken sets or optical instruments.


Binoculars (R) 0.01
  • Small or Medium Monocular Optical Zoom (2)
Binoculars w/Strap (R) 0.01
  • Binocular Optical Zoom (1)
    • Binoculars
    • Binoculars w/Strap

Half a pair of binocularsEdit

Half a Pair of Binoculars
Half a Pair of Binoculars
Value (at 100%): $40.00
Weight: 0.45 kg

Half a pair of binoculars can be found while scavenging or obtained by dismantling a pair of binoculars with Mechanic skill. Two of these can be combined to make a pair of binoculars or used separately as a scope. Selling the halves separately is more profitable than selling a complete pair.

Properties and recipe usesEdit


  • Binocular Optical Zoom:
    • Binoculars w/Strap (1, R)

Half a Pair of BinocularsEdit

  • Small or Medium Monocular Optical Zoom:
    • .308 Rifle w/Scope (1, R)
    • .308 Rifle w/Scope and Strap (1, R)
    • Binoculars (2, R)
    • Scope w/Strap (1, R)