"Less fatigue per move, can run away faster in battle, can run further on map before run moves deplete"

The Athletic skill represents character's great physical shape. It allows him to run longer and faster, as well as providing player with safe way of performing physically demanding actions during the encounters.

Ability Point cost: 3


  • Fatigue modifier: -50%
  • Running Points: +2 (see Movement section)
  • Defense Modifier: +10%
  • Morale Effects: +15%
  • Allows "Sprint Away" combat move


The skill can be used during following encounters:

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  • at the start of the game, inside the Cryo Facility, to safely jump out of the window, escaping the incoming creature and losing it before it can pursue
  • during the Zom Zom's arena fight, to outmaneuver the robot gladiator
  • at the Isotope Mine, to safely get past the robot sabre-tooth tiger on the way in
  • at the Isotope Mine, to safely navigate the air ducts behind a hidden hatch
  • at the Allegan Fairgrounds, to safely escape the Melonhead horde
  • at the Detroit Savings Bank, to outrun a security's hover bike after finding its blind spot with Hacking
  • at the Strange Forest, to escape the monster


  • Enervated and Athletic are mutually exclusive.
  • Running allows you to move 1 hex using 0.5 move point. With Athletic, the character can run for 3 hexes instead of the usual 1. This makes it useful for evading hostiles, especially when paired with Hiding and/or Tracking.
  • In combat, Athletic works great with Range characters, allowing them to keep a distance with the Sprint Away move (normal Running Away also have less chance of tripping).
  • Wnpx's Note: This ability is extremely powerful. It allows you to run faster than a Dogman! Plus, you can use this to increase the distance between you and an enemy; good for trying to run away!

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