This item, location or encounter is not available in the demo version of the game
Blue Frog Sash
Value (at 100%): $2.00
Weight: 0.05 kg
Stack Size: 1

A Blue Frog Sash is a clothing item in NEO Scavenger that can be worn on the left torso-sash slot.

Blue Frog Sashes are part of the standard uniform worn by the followers of the Church of the Blue Frog. Blue Frog Preachers and Cultists can be seen wearing these sashes to demonstrate their commitment to the Church.

The sash can also be wrapped around wounds if desperate

While wearing the sash, the player's reputation with the cultists is slightly improved, meaning they are more likely to talk or offer/accept ceasefire, instead of attacking, during combat encounters.

The sash also makes it easier for the player to enter the Saginaw Mental Institution.

Sapphire Lily SashПравить

There exists another, unique version of the standard sash – the Sapphire Lily Sash.

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The rumors that some sashes may contain traces of a deadly disease known as Blue Rot, which occurred soon after the sash was introduced, are not true. These rumors came from confusion regarding how the disease is spread. The fear of getting this lethal disease was so great, it was rumored that if you even pick up the item from the ground, you would be infected. Some players believe that even today.

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